Shaft couplings – TITEK

Provides torque transfer between the motor and driven machine. A shaft coupling can both deliver and disconnect power to help separate machines, improve flexibility and reduce shock and overload. It compensates axial and radial deviations of shafts, at the same time significantly reduces vibrations between the connected machines. The coupling consists of two tanging housings which are interlocking together and are separated by the spring element in the shape of a starfish. The operation temperature range is from -25° C to +80 ° C.

Flexible element with progressive deformation characteristics, great shock absorption ability, high toughness / wear resistance with optimized shape of moving elements – all of these are the essence of the outstanding TITEK coupling.

Main features of TITEK coupling:

  1. Small dimensions, light-weight with sturdy design and a large extend of overload
  2. Significantly reduces transmitted shocks and vibrations
  3. Unique design removes drawbacks of uniaxial coupling
  4. Outstanding application flexibility – model types have a wide-range of shaft sizes (from 10 mm by 160 mm with the torque transmission of up to 8000 Nm)