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Service and maintenance

We provide quality service and maintenance of industrial equipment


The products of YTS Slovakia are of the highest quality.

The YTS Slovakia

specializes in the maintenance of industrial equipment while offering quality services and products at the same time. Our solutions and success is based on years of experience combined with the products we offer. Every solution is unique and tailored to your requirements as well as based on the technological equipment available and the operating conditions.

The advantages of YTS Slovakia amongst other things are the individual approach and flexibility whilst maintaining the high quality end result of the delivered product, solution.

The aim of the company is the long-lasting satisfaction of our business partners in the goods and services provided.

Service and maintenance

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It is two-component epoxy product with special filler. The product is used to create an anti-slip surface on various substrates…

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Our satisfied customers include the following companies:

If you are interested in more information about the projects in which we participated, contact us and we will send you more information.


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Company address

YTS Slovakia s.r.o
Laurinská 823/99
976 32 Badín
Slovak republic

Technical office

YTS Slovakia s.r.o
Osloboditeľov 27
976 32 Badín
Slovak republic
*Meeting possible after tel. confirmation

Service Center

YTS Slovakia s.r.o
Dlhá nad Váhom 368
927 05 Dlhá nad Váhom
Slovenská republika
Intake and expense of rotary machines
Mobil.: +421 902 132 896
Email: milos.mikudik@yts.sk


Mgr. Pavel Očenáš
managing director
surface treatment of metal and concrete
Mobil: +421 902 773 353
Email: pavel.ocenas@yts.sk

Miloš Mikudík
service of rotating machines, shafts rebuilding
Mobil: +421 902 132 896
Email: milos.mikudik@yts.sk

Mário Vánik
head of implementation techniques
Mobil: +421 902 096 932
Email: mario.vanik@yts.sk

Billing details

ID No.: 47 692 049
Tax ID No.: 2024048400
VAT No.: SK2024048400
Business register of the District Court
Banská Bystrica
Section Sro, file number: 26565/S

Bank details

Tatra banka, a.s.
Account number: 2920915990
IBAN: SK82 1100 0000 0029 2091 5990